Omnyk India Private Limited (OIPL) offers OmnyKare, a suite of remote patient monitoring and post-care services designed to help you manage your health from home.

Company Details:

Omnyk India Private Limited

Address: No. 1035, 3rd Floor, Vijaya Bank Colony, Bilekahalli, Arakere, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Bangalore South, Karnataka, India, 560076.

Phone: +91 94489 08617

Email: [email protected]

Service Information:

  • OmnyKare remote patient management services are currently only available to patients in India. The AVIDA device, a core component of the service, is medically certified for use in India only.
  • You can purchase an OmnyKare plan worldwide. However, due to regulatory restrictions, the service itself can only be used in India.
  • Payment Processing: We reserve the right to verify and approve all international payments before processing your order.
  • Refunds: If you are located outside of India and your order includes the AVIDA device, we will process a full refund for the device portion of your order due to its limited availability in your region. The service plan portion of your order will be processed as usual.
  • Technical Support: We will provide technical support for the OmnyKare service plan you purchase, regardless of your location. However, troubleshooting and support for the AVIDA device itself will only be available for users located in India. Here are some examples of issues our support team can assist you with:
    • Device malfunction
    • Difficulty setting up the device
    • Questions about using the device
    • Concerns about data accuracy

Shipping Policy:


  • Devices will be shipped within one business day after receiving payment through online processing systems.
  • Order processing and shipping timelines remain the same (refer to previous information).
  • International Shipping: OmnyKare device AVIDA currently only ships within India. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


  • We accept international payments for OmnyKare plans.
  • By making a payment, you acknowledge that the service itself is currently limited to patients in India due to medical device regulations.

Order Processing:

  • We aim to process all orders received through our online system within 24 hours on business days (Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays).

Shipping Methods:

  • We utilize a reputable national courier service to ensure fast and reliable delivery of your OmnyKare device.
  • The specific shipping method used will be chosen based on your location and order urgency (if applicable).
  • We reserve the right to select the most appropriate shipping method at our discretion, considering factors like cost and delivery timeframes.

Estimated Delivery Times:

  • Once your order is processed and shipped, you can expect to receive your device within:
    • Metro Cities: 1-2 business days
    • Major Cities: 2-3 business days
    • Other Locations: 3-5 business days
  • These are estimated timeframes and may vary depending on your specific location and unforeseen circumstances.

Order Tracking:

  • Upon shipment, you will receive a notification email with tracking information. This allows you to track the progress of your delivery online through the courier's website.

Shipping Costs:

  • Shipping costs are currently included in the overall price of your chosen OmnyKare plan. You will not see any additional shipping charges during checkout.

International Shipping:

  • OmnyKare device AVIDA currently only ships within India. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Undelivered Packages:

  • If your package is marked as delivered but you haven't received it, please contact us immediately at [email protected] or call us at 9448908617. We will work with the courier service to locate your package.

Returns and Exchanges:

Due to the nature of our medical devices and hygiene protocols, we currently do not accept returns or exchanges of OmnyKare devices. This policy is in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients. Here's a breakdown of why we have this policy:

  • Infection Control: Medical devices can harbor bacteria and viruses if not handled properly. Returning a device could potentially expose other patients to harmful germs.
  • Device Integrity: OmnyKare devices are calibrated and tested to ensure accurate readings. Returning a device could compromise its functionality and lead to inaccurate readings for future users.
  • Hygiene Concerns: Certain OmnyKare devices may come into contact with sensitive body parts. Returning a used device raises hygiene concerns and the potential for cross-contamination.

If you have any concerns about your device upon receiving it, please contact us immediately for troubleshooting assistance.

OmnyKare User Data Privacy

OmnyKare takes the privacy of your personal information seriously. We are committed to protecting your data and ensuring it is handled responsibly. Here's a breakdown of our user data privacy practices:

  • Data Collection: We collect information you provide when using our services, such as name, contact details, and medical history (as needed for the service).
  • Data Use: We use your information to deliver the OmnyKare service, manage your account, provide support, and improve our services. We will not share your data with third parties for marketing purposes without your consent.
  • Data Security: We implement security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. This includes secure data storage and encryption practices.
  • Data Retention: We will retain your data for as long as it is necessary to provide the OmnyKare service and comply with applicable laws.

Transparency and Control:

  • You have the right to access and update your personal information.
  • You can opt out of receiving marketing communications.

For more details, please refer to our full Privacy Policy available on our website. We encourage you to review it to understand how we collect, use, and protect your data.

Fees charged for various payment scenarios

  • Paytm / Credit Card / Netbanking: No fees are charged.
  • All transactions are subject to a unique transaction ID.
  • Customers will receive an email confirmation for each successful payment.
  • The currency for all transactions will be INR.

Process and Fees Structures

  • Each transaction is recognizable with a unique transaction ID.
  • Customers receive an email confirmation for each successful payment.
  • Omnyk does not charge any service fees related to payments, such as failed payments or other payment-related flows. However, there may be fees associated with the use of third-party payment processors, such as Razorpay.
  • Razorpay charges a transaction fee of 2% + 5 INR per successful transaction. This fee is charged to the merchant, not the customer.
  • In addition to the transaction fee, Razorpay also charges a settlement fee of 1% on all transactions. This fee is also charged to the merchant.
  • Customers may be required to pay these fees as per the terms of the payment system service agreement.

Contact Us:

For any questions or concerns regarding your OmnyKare device shipment, please don't hesitate to contact us:

We strive to provide a smooth and efficient shipping experience for all our customers. If you have any specific needs or require expedited shipping options, please contact us before placing your order, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.