Omnyk’s holistic digital healthcare solution, through in-depth analysis, real-time alerts and personalized customer care enables timely delivery of care to patients with cardiovascular intervention, after discharge from the hospital. Omnyk is focused on addressing the biggest challenge the entire world is facing. According to WHO CVDs account for ~ 31% of total deaths in the world – a staggering number of 17.9M deaths each year of which India’s share was 2.7M in 2016. The situation for younger generation Indians is getting worse. India will have the notorious distinction of recording the highest number of cardiac deaths by 2030 in the world and a holistic integrated approach will be needed to counter the menace. Addressing a high 30 days readmission rate of ~ 20% has been a challenge forever. By effective management of care during this phase it is estimated that the lives of ~ 8% of patients who do not make it through this critical phase can be saved. OmnyKare addresses this challenge through early detection of warning signs and enabling timely delivery of care during this critical period.

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To save lives through early prediction of potential future CVD related risk


Provide innovative solutions to empower healthcare professionals and patients to make data-driven decisions, for the improved desired outcome of care.

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Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are very commonly referred to as silent killer that impacts every household in some way or the other. Our team was no exception to this.

An elderly mother of one of our team members was admitted to the hospital and needed to be remotely monitored from a faraway land. The situation was very challenging not only for the elderly but also for our team members. This situation needed something which gave the family peace of mind about her progress and to raise alerts to the physician and family if anything was alarming. This led to the inception of the idea of developing a technology that can help in monitoring and managing the patient accurately and remotely.

Our team members along with a few more passionate people started working on transforming the idea into usable technology. While the technology was taking shape, a known associate suddenly collapsed and was pronounced dead on a beach. This left us all in a state of disbelief and shock which could have been prevented had there been a device that could alert the family members.

During the same period, one of our team members experienced a Myocardial Infarction (MI) which led to a lot of anxiety in their family and left everyone worried about similar incidents happening in the future. After recovering our team member thought about developing a technology solution that can help people in a similar situation.

These incidents reinforced our idea and the requirement for technology that can help people track health and raise alert when a situation arises. This led to the inception of the idea for Omnyk as an organization.


Yogendra Bobra

Yogendra Bobra

Co-founder and CEO of Omnyk Inc.

Mr. Bobra has a keen interest in technology and 30+ years of experience in delivering leading-edge products and solutions, from chip to the system level in semiconductors. Following his passion for technology, Mr. Bobra has registered 7 patents under his name.

Pintu Singh

Pintu Singh

COO, Omnyk India Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Singh has extensive 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience with various successful ventures in the IT industry. He has a strong passion to learn and implement. He believes that learning and upgrading are a lifetime process to add value and giving back to society.